Gillian Fink Feedback


  • Is the design beautiful/striking/remarkable?
I think its a very simplistic but affective design. * Does the design aesthetic relate to the concept?

  • Yes, because the pictures are very simple and so is the layout of the text

  • Do the imagery and design choices support the text?

  • Although I don’t watch the show the images seem to perfectly relate to the text. This is clear from the facial expressions and setting of the images.

  • Is the aesthetic consistent?
Yes, very consistent in the handling of the text in relation to the image. Is the aesthetic driving the concept, or vice-versa?

  • I would say that content is driving the aesthetic because it seems that the handling of the typography matches the personality and aesthetic of the images.

  • Is it legible?

  • Yes, overall I would say that the postcards are legible. The only one that causes some difficulty is the second one. The overlapping of the white type and her busy clothing decreasing legibility a little. Not really sure where else you would put it but if you’re willing to change the type to black then I would consider placing it over the chip bags.

  • Are type size/color/face/treatment choices helping or hurting?

  • As I wrote above I think that everything is working very well with type other than in the second set of images. 


  • What are the design’s visual priorities?

  • In all of the designs, both big and small the character’s face is very frontal so our eyes are automatically drawn to her and then to the text.

  • Are design elements working in contrast, complement, or conflict?

  • I think the design elements are complementing each other because the text is working as a secondary element rather than a competing one. The only design in which I feel there is competition is the last one. In the bigger version it seems like the text is at the same scale as the character and therefore splits the viewer’s focus.

  • What elements do you consider foreground? Background?

  • I think although the text is placed in front the character is working in the foreground. Maybe consider playing with text placement as more of a background element?

  • How will the design accommodate variability in browser width?

  • I think your designs work well at both scales because there is enough background space in the images that it is easily applies to the variability of scale.

  • Is transparency, if used, used appropriately?

  • N/A

    Technical Challenges

  • What happens at all of the sizes in between the desktop and mobile versions that have been provided?

  • We haven’t dealt with this issue yet but I don’t think the transition from scales will be an issue.

  • At what point does text collide with imagery? At what point does contrast affect legibility?

  • This is a point of inconsistency in the postcards because sometimes the imagery collides with the character and other times stays in the background. Maybe try to refine these different designs to make them more consistent.

  • Are images presented with sufficient resolution, and without unintentional distortion or compression artifacts?

  • I think the images are definitely at a sufficient resolution.

  • Have image edges all been considered and managed?

  • I think overall the image edges are working well. The only one that I don’t think woks as well is the first small one. The cropping of the character is a little awkward.

  • Will elements such as fonts transfer as intended to the browser environment?

  • In the mockups I think they are transferring well.

  • Can you build it?

  • I think you will definitely be able to build this.