1. Sara Berman, Communication Design, junior
  2. I have always been interested in art and design and wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue it as a career until the end of freshman year when I realized that although the major of Communication Design was intense and a huge time commitment, it was worth it because I was so interested in what I was learning. I'm taking this class because I feel as though this information will be useful for any career I end up pursuing.
  3. The only experience I have with HTML is from Type 1 when we had to publish an article we edited. I struggled with the programs and getting the text to move with the browser.
  4. I hope to learn a lot from this class. In particular I am looking foward to having a clear understanding of how the systems work so I don't encounter issues in the future and am able to execute my work easily and in a timely manner.
  5. I think a major aspect of designing for the screen that differs from designing for paper is color. When designing for print one has to constantly print out samples to see how the color from the screen in translated on paper. When designing for the web I think in many ways it'll be simpler in the context of color because what you see is what you get.
  6. https://www.vogue.com/?us_site=y I chose Vogue's website as an example of effective design because I feel that they have succeeded in making their website reflect their aesthetic. One thing about vogue's brand is that it is extremely clean and simple. The website does this while still effectively guiding the viewer through the content.

  7. https://www.peta.org/about-peta/why-peta/why-animal-rights/ I chose PETA's website as an example of effective communication because I feel that they clearly get their message across through their website. Although it provides a lot of information it is easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

  8. https://www.southwest.com For the question regarding a website that "works well" I immediately thought of how transportation websites are usually so difficult to navigate and how my experience using Southwest's website has been quite different. The website makes it easy to make flights, change flights, book hotels, rent cars, etc. It has succeeded in doing exactly what it is supposed to do.